Effects of Oral Myofunctional Therapy on Swallowing and Sibilant Production

"Her tongue endurance appeared more sensitive to the effects of oral myofunctional training than tongue strength and, unlike tongue strength, tongue endurance decreased in the six month period following completion of the study."


Gommerman SL, Hodge MM.

The study investigated the effectiveness of oral myofunctional therapy in eliminating a 16 year-old girl’s tongue thrust swallowing pattern and mild sibilant distortion. Oral myofunctional therapy was shown to be effective in eliminating the tongue thrust swallowing pattern of this subject, but not her sibilant distortion. However, four articulation treatment sessions were sufficient for the subject to demonstrate satisfactory sibilant production six months following treatment. It was hypothesized that oral myofunctional treatment facilitated her tongue function for accurate sibilant production.

Gommerman SL, Hodge MM. Effects of oral myofunctional therapy on swallowing and sibilant production. Int J Orofacial Myology. 1995;21:9‐22.


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