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Why we can't afford to ignore prolonged digit sucking

Protracted digit sucking can have a negative impact on the learning process whether or not the child sucks the thumb or fingers at school.


Van Norman, Rosemarie (2001)

A specialist explains the hazards of continued digit (thumb/finger) sucking habits and offers advice on breaking the habit. The article explains that children who persist in sucking a thumb or finger beyond early childhood risk significant dental problems as well as learning, speech and emotional difficulties.

Why we can't afford to ignore prolonged digit sucking
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Parents whose child engages in digit sucking worry about dental and speech development as well as damage to the child's self-esteem because of taunting by peers and criticism from almost everyone including relatives, teachers, day-care providers, and even total strangers. They may wonder if their child is emotionally insecure or if they are incompetent parents. Appropriate help is often difficult to find.

While digit sucking is normal, parents may have a difficult time helping their child break this habit. Children that are past toddler age may still want to suck their thumb.

Make an appointment with me today if your child is still sucking their thumb. I can help your child break their habit.

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