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Tongue Thrust

The Most Experienced Approach to Speech and Orofacial Myology

Meet Your Speech and Myo

'Private Investigator'


You have or your child has a speech problem.  You have done your homework, tried different things, perhaps even seen other therapists.  So why are you or your child's disorder not getting any better?

The root of a speech disorder may have nothing to do with your voice, pitch, or how your brain processes information.  It might have to do with the muscles in your face, mouth, jaw, lips or even your tongue.

Far too often, therapists overlook or are not qualified to diagnose orofacial myofunctional problems related to speech.  Even if they suspect that is the issue, they cannot help.  You need someone who is uniquely qualified and experienced to do the investigation and provide a treatment plan.  You need the Myofunctional Clinic of Bellevue.

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